Zoho CRM-Google Maps integration

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For any sales team, visiting existing and potential clients presents a host of practical challenges, from finding parking to accessing client details and rescheduling cancelled appointments. Squirrel Business Hub made life easier for this supplier of office printing equipment by integrating their Zoho customer relationship management (CRM) system with Google Maps, enabling the sales team to view on their mobile devices the locations and details of all their clients and potential clients in any one area while on the road.

The brief

The business owner wanted to provide his sales team with a tool that would help them to be more efficient while out and about visiting clients and potential clients. It was important for them to be able to view at a glance their clients and potential clients in a particular area, so they could map their route, plan their day, or even call on a client spontaneously after a cancellation or finishing another client call. He wanted this information to be available on a mobile device but also as a printable document, including a map with names and addresses summarised as a list.

The solution

The company already used Zoho CRM. Squirrel Business Hub developed a custom Google Maps integration with real-time geo-coding of all their contact addresses in the CRM, which made it possible to show the locations of all contacts within a certain radius on a map. Data could be filtered by criteria including ‘customer’, ‘opposition’ and ‘prospect’, and by distance from a certain point. Each category was represented on the map by a different colour, and the names and locations of clients in any pre-determined category could be viewed on the salesperson’s iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device.

In effect, Squirrel created a tool that combined all the benefits of a CRM with the functionality of Google Maps.

The benefits

  • Provided both a planning tool for devising account visit routes and a quick reference tool for the sales team while on the road.
  • Gave team access to clients’ contact details in the CRM and the ability to update them using a mobile device while on the road.
  • Could be used as a powerful sales and strategy tool for targeting potential customers in a defined area.
  • Enhanced knowledge and accountability of sales team, who couldn’t say, ‘I didn’t know they were in the area’!

Integration and your business

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