Oh no.  I have to have one of THOSE conversations with someone in my team.

Do you ever wish that the people in your team didn’t need managing? Would it be easier for you to stick your head in the sand and pretend you didn’t notice that Billy in your team was not performing as he really needs to?  And what about Lucy…. She’s late again!!!!

A great manager will deal with those tricky conversations not run away from them.

Are you a great manager?

When Suzy comes to you and says, ‘I don’t want to sit next to Sally anymore, her perfume smells’. Do you groan in your head and think, ‘Really?’ followed very closely with a panicked thought of how I am meant to handle this.

Let’s talk about Lucy again, she’s been late 3 times this week, which means that Peter has to answer her phone because she is not there.  Lucy being late is affecting the quality of your customer service which impacts your customers, which may impact your bottom line.

So…. you know you can no longer ignore these things. You know you need to speak to Lucy and Billy and Sally.  But you are thinking….where do I start?  What do I say?  How do I deal with these tricky conversations and not muck it up?

3 Steps To Follow:  

#1 PLAN AND PREPARE – Plan the conversation.  Think about how you want the conversation to run and the words you will use.  A lot of success is based around how you deliver the message.

#2 SCRIPT – I know it sounds time consuming and silly, but write out your conversation before you have it.  Then read it back to yourself. Does it sound ok? Appropriate? Have I addressed the issue at hand? If I was on the receiving end of this how would I feel?

#3 STAY ON TRACK – It’s really easy for conversations to suddenly fly off the rails.  One minute you are talking about absenteeism, the next how expensive it is to get your car serviced. Hmm how did that happen?   Stay focused.

Here’s some feedback from a Manager who attended a Tricky Conversation workshop run by The HR Owl:

“Janie really knows her stuff.  I thought I knew how to have conversations.  The best thing the workshop taught me was how to structure the conversation and not get side tracked.  I’m now a lot more confident to try and deal with my people issues earlier instead of ignoring it hoping it will all go away.”

Simon – Sales Manager

Tricky conversations need not be tricky.   So, here’s a really big tip.  Remember to keep control of the conversation and don’t lose your cool.

Want to be fabulous with any type of Tricky Conversations? Janie can give you tools and techniques to really help you with any type of conversation.  They will go from being tricky to easy.…drop her a line at janie@thehrowl.com