Starting or buying a business necessitates research, risk, passion, courage and planning. The harsh reality is that enthusiasm, money, hard work, talent or a great idea is not enough to guarantee success in business.

Over the years we have mentored hundreds of clients through the start up phase of their business and have earned a reputation as a business start-up specialist. Along the way we have developed a number of practical tools including our comprehensive guide titled ‘Starting or Buying a Business in Australia’.  You can access this 44 page booklet and business start-up checklist for valuable information on a number of key issues that confront a new business owner.

The booklet contains number of templates and checklists to help you fast track your business success. It is a ‘road map’ of the issues you need to work through and also lists some key links to business information and services.

So do your homework and set yourself up for success!  Feel free to contact us any questions you may have.