Being a small to medium sized business owner is a juggling act. I know how that feels. A frustrating facet is often your online presence, which is a constant mystery for business owners.

Do I spend money on a website or advertising? Who do I hire? What is SEO?   Chances are you have an existing website, with existing traffic (albeit minimal?)

You need to start converting those existing visitors, in the most cost effective way possible. Lets start with the most important factor of what a website even does for you.

If it’s online sales, or generating leads, or an email list sign up you need to build backwards. If the end goal is a selling a service, you need enquiries.

If you offer a service and also sell products, you need two websites. Then upsell the other aspect of your business

Structure your site around this one style of service or category of products.  This will remove confusion from what it is you actually do or sell. Often.. that’s half the problem with new websites.

Remove Clutter! Your homepage should easily and quickly convey what it is you do.

Now, the crux of your website. Building Credibility

A) Blog every day. Every morning. I don’t care if you don’t have time. Do it.  Even 200 words with some photos will suffice.

B) Focus on the benefits of what it is you do – This is how you will communicate your authority in the industry, without coming off as arrogant.

C) Now for some context (these can be the basis of blog posts too)

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Your Results

Ca) This falls under context, but it is very important:

  • Why you do what you do! Tell us.

D) Display your expertise!

  • Photos of work, photos of yourself and photos of your results! (integrate with Instagram for easy & quick posting)
  • Your linkedin profile
  • Testimonials

E) Remove any friction from getting in touch with you.

  • Make it easy, I repeat – EASY TO CONTACT YOU! Phone number on every page, and email enquiry form on your contact page.

Ok, now go and implement the above! Start removing things from your home page that are not necessary. Tell potential clients what you do in a clear and concise matter. And come back to this article for reference.

If you’d like to learn more about implementing these ideas onto your site, or all together outsourcing them, get in touch with Squirrel Business Hub.

Feel free to share your changes or questions with the team at Squirrel!