Kylie Harker on genius customer relationship management tool ZOHO.

Keeping your track of your customer relationships when business is growing rapidly can sometimes make your head spin. Kylie Harker, founder of Squirrel Hub has the solution to help you find the time. Squirrel Hub likes to keep things organised, and knows that everything has its place.

To do this Squirrel Hub use Zoho, the best CRM system to make the most of your data so that it can be converted into sales. With Zoho everything is in one centralised location that is easy to navigate and customise according to your unique business requirements.

With Zoho you can:

  • Track communications with clients including email, notes, calls, SMS;
  • Create reminders and alerts so you never miss an opportunity;
  • Analyse your data and gain insights into your customers;
  • Customise your security settings;
  • Sync your contacts, tasks and calendar with Outlook, Google Apps and a range of other business tools;
  • Access your data on the run with the Zoho mobile App.

 All of these features can be switched on or off to make Zoho the perfect fit for your business. We’re all about no nonsense advice on how to stay on top of things and this is just one way we we do it.


We spoke to our head honcho, Kylie Harker on what makes our Squirrel Hub processes so unique.

How did you distinguish yourself from your competitors?

We chose not to specialise in only one system instead looking for best of breed to suit different industries or business departments (i.e. inventory / quoting / accounting). We understood that it is rare that one system can provide a total business solution at a reasonable price for SME’s, so we needed to provide advice on a suite of applications that all integrate to deliver a streamlined solution.


Who should be using Zoho?

Anyone with a sales team should be using a mobile CRM that delivers real time updates, email and calendar integration and sales reporting. There’s not a one-size fits all CRM, just like there’s not a one-size fits all business model. Since Zoho CRM is customisable, it can be customised for both B2B and B2C.

If your business has processes that are repeated regularly Zoho can automate much of this. If your business relies on prompt follow up of inbound enquiries, knowledge sharing between different departments and maintaining engagement with clients and key referral partners then you need Zoho.


What problems do you solve for business owners?

  1. We centralise their data and client information so everyone in the business has access to it from wherever they are.
  2. We make sure their systems talk to each other so they are not wasting resources on duplicate data entry.
  3. We give the business owner visibility on what their sales team are doing, who they are talking to and how often.


What do they gain when they work with you?

  1. Clarity on what the key drivers of their business are – what works and what doesn’t in their business (measurement and visibility on sales activity and marketing ROI)
  2. A clear sales process where the sales team’s activities are trackable and reportable.
  3. Consistency around lead and opportunity follow-up
  4. A centralised system where all communications are captured and critical client information is captured and stored.
  5. The right kind of training for your team so CRM becomes a part of organisation culture and not a waste of time and resources.
  6. The option to have Squirrel bring together a team of software specialists to update or implement the right systems to ensure a solid foundation upon which to grow your business to the next level.

Do what you say you will do when you say you’ll do it. No ego – stay humble and serve your clients.” – Kylie Harker


Who do you love working with?

Business owners who are keen to learn more about how technology and software can make them more organised, efficient and improve their operations. Words I’d use to describe them are self aware, open minded, innovative, early adopters, ahead of the curve, doing what it takes, highly customer service focused. Businesses with high performing sales teams. Membership organisations are also great because they are highly motivated to engage with their members and provide value.


How did you develop key partnerships?

By seeking out experts in their industry who provide complimentary services to Squirrel that our client’s need like web / marketing / IT. Our mindset is one of collaboration because we believe this delivers the best solutions for our clients.  Our key partners are part of our team and I feel I know them.


Finally, what key insights about business can you share?

  1. There is no easy way – building a business takes hard work, focus and persistence.
  2. Collaborate with people who have knowledge and expertise that you don’t – Be open to learning new things and ways of doing things.