Have you ever counted how much time you spend creating proposals?

If it takes you an average of five hours to create a proposal and you win one in three proposals, then in fact you spend 15 hours, on average, to land a job (not counting meetings and phone calls – I’m trying to keep this simple).

Now times your hourly rate by 15 hours – you might be surprised at the time and money being expended here.

We have clients in the construction, graphic design, web design and interior design industries and have found that Quote Roller is a great cloud based software system for them to use to create professional templates they can reuse.   It may take a little time to create and upload your product and pricing information to the system, however once done you’ll have a more efficient and streamlined process for quoting and proposals.

 What does it do?

Quote Roller allows you to use customisable proposal templates to create professional business proposals.  The professional package also has built in analytics which are pretty amazing.  The analytics track whether your client opened your proposal, whether they looked at each section and even how much time they spent on each page.

You are notified when your client opens the proposal which is great tool for efficient follow-ups and feedback.

Who is it for?

If your business relies on sending proposals to generate sales then this is for you.  The library of templates is huge and covers most industries including construction, marketing, graphic design and interior design to name a few.

How easy is it to use?

Quote Roller is quite straight forward to use.  If you have word processing skills or would rate yourself 5 out of 10 or above on a computer you’ll be able to navigate the program easily.  The content library is made up of reusable blocks that you create once and then drag-n-drop into your proposals. You can add video, picture galleries and interactive content really easily.  You’re also able to download a PDF version of your proposal.

What we like…

It integrates with heaps of cloud based business systems including:

  • CRM – Capsule, Highrise, Insightly, Salesforce, Sugar and Zoho
  • Accounting – Xero (our favourite!) Quickbooks and Freshbooks
  • PayPal
  • Google Apps
  • Project Management – Basecamp, Podio

You can also integrate Quote Roller and RightSignature which is a great tool to use for secure, legally binding e-signatures.  If you need to share proposals with team members, you can link with Box so your proposals are stored on the cloud and shareable.


There are three levels of pricing starting from US$9.99 month per user.  The plans are either annual or monthly with the annual subscription being more economical.  You can take a closer look at QuoteRoller pricing on their website.

We love the 14 day free trial too!

If you’d like some help deciding whether Quote Roller will be a good fit for your business, give us a call and arrange a free 30 min strategy session. We’ll work with you to decide what you need and the options available to suit your budget.