Wolfdene is a busy property developer comprising several departments, and working on multiple developments across different regions at any one time.

“The system has definitely added to the accessibility of information and the efficiency of our business. Our cash flow depends on settling on time, so it’s especially useful being able to track and record settlements through the CRM.”

Belinda Hoodless, Marketing Coordinator, Wolfdene

The brief

With several departments, each responsible for a different stage in the development process, and multiple developments being carried out at any one time, Wolfdene needed:

    • A central place in which to record client and property data
    • A way of tracking leads and activity through the sales pipeline
    • The ability to manage stock, prices lists, contracts and plans
    • Customisable reports for tracking efficiencies on each development
    • A workflow-management tool, including automated task lists, in order to manage business processes across all projects consistently
    • The ability to segment their client database so that they could send relevant communications to keep customers informed and engaged throughout the development process
    • The solution

      After a thorough needs assessment, Squirrel implemented Zoho CRM and Zoho Reports. They created customisable dashboards for detailed reporting, using custom scripting for automated processes, and set up web integration. Following the implementation, Squirrel provided tailored training for administrative staff and for on-the-ground salespeople.

      Benefits delivered

    • All contact details, lead sources, purchaser types and projects of interest are now captured and stored by development in a central repository. This data can be used to segment the database and send relevant communications to keep customers engaged and ultimately deliver more sales.
    • The pipeline of potential leads and sales is tracked, so management can immediately see where the lead is in the buying process and understand where blockages are occurring. This helps salespeople to focus their time on the warmest prospects, while others are nurtured with email marketing messages.
    • Stock plans, price lists, and inclusions lists are all managed, keeping all the necessary details in a centralised database, including dimensions and floor plans, date of hold, due date of deposit, date of sale, subject-to-finance details and settlement dates.
    • Real-time updates and general storage of project information for sales, e.g. master plans, design guidelines, engineering specs, marketing collateral are available. This allows users to access project data and work efficiently, no matter where they are, via tablet or mobile.
    • Customisable reporting, generating reports on a wide variety of data, for example, number of signed contracts, deposits paid, hold deposits,upcoming settlements, and number of new leads for the week for a particular project.
    • Automated workflow, with task lists, dashboards and alerts.
    • Workflow-management capability, creating consistency through automation of business processes, such as when a project goes on sale, lead-assignment rules and lead follow-up.
    • Website integration, which sends new enquiries straight to the database and alerts an agent to make contact. This really increases efficiency by reducing the need for data re-entry from external sources such as realestate.com.au.
    • Targeted, relevant email marketing, which allows agents to automate newsletters and other email marketing to leads and existing clients. This could include location-specific daily emails to potential buyers to alert them to new listings, and regional price-list mailings to builders.