While we at Squirrel CRM Hub are partners with TradeGecko, we do take the time to compare it to other software before we recommend it to your business, similar Inventory and Stock Management software is Unleashed.

TradeGecko was created in 2012, by three New Zealand entrepreneurs who were frustrated with the inventory management systems available in the market at the time – their main objective was to make user friendly software for the market.

Unleashed is a privately owned company and works at all levels from sole traders to large enterprises – they pride themselves on offering ‘dynamic inventory intelligence for better business decisions.’  Interestingly, Unleashed too was developed by a New Zealander this time with a warehouse background.

Both systems offer mobile apps which means all your order management, purchase orders and even reporting can be done on the fly.

Pricing (monthly)

TradeGecko has packages starting from $39 per month, which includes community support (access to helpful articles and tips to help you use the system, you can have 3 Users, E-commerce Integrations, Xero integration and an Online Ordering Add-on, or for $169 per month you can have Email Support, 10 users, E-commerce integrations, Xero integration, Online Ordering add-on, Multi-Warehousing and Multi-Currency – it really is the all-encompassing package.  TradeGecko has a Free 21 Day Trial.

Unleashed starts at $38.50 per month, which includes 1 user, 500 products, a single warehouse, single currency, unlimited customers and suppliers, while similar to TradeGecko, a one user package is very limited and I feel is not suitable for most businesses.

Alternatively you can opt for the Business Package which is $174.90 per month – for this amount you can have 5 Users, 25,000 Products, 5 Warehouses, Multiple Currencies and Unlimited Customers and Suppliers.  Unleashed has a Free 14 Day Trial

If this comparison was based on price alone, TradeGecko would be a clear winner.

Relationship Management

TradeGecko tracks client orders and users can make note of client interactions, however this feature is limited.  Neither of these systems claims to be a CRM, so, while a useful feature, this is not the main purpose of the system.

Unleashed does not list Client Relationship Management as a feature of its software.


Both products have an excellent dashboard features upon opening the software that tells you everything you need to know online, so you can see how your business is tracking in real-time. You can get up-to-the-minute stock numbers and sales margins, plus instant updates to your accounting system (when integrated). With all transactions processed in real-time, you can make better business decisions.

The reporting capabilities of both systems are extensive and will make everyone in the business able to keep up with how Stock and Inventory Management is going to how many Purchase or Sales Orders have been made in a month – an excellent feature for both systems.Inventory Management

TradeGecko keeps an accurate account of everything that is in your warehouse – whether it is a product, a variant (same product, different specs, such as bread and fruit bread) or composite products (products used to build or complete another product).

You can connect your e-commerce store to TradeGecko for real-time product and order sync. Your website inventory and stock levels will be kept up-to-date automatically. See more about supported e-commerce integrations.

Unleashed offers real-time profit and loss updates, by using editable transactions for all stock and stock value movements, you can track just who has done what.   Nothing can slip through the cracks.

Both systems offer:

  • Multiple warehouse locations
  • Consignment stock capabilities
  • Sync stock across all your sales channels
  • Multi-line stock adjustments
  • Cloning of sales and purchase orders

Ease of Set Up

Since both systems are based in the cloud, all you need to access the software is a Web browser and an internet connection.

All data and information is stored in the Cloud.

 Apps and Add-Ons


  • Magento
  • Amazon
  • ShipStation
  • Xero
  • Woo Commerce
  • Shopify (and POS)
  • Drupal
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • TG 3PL Exporter
  • TG Mobile Sales App
  • TG Online Ordering


  • Magento
  • Vend (beta)
  • Xero
  • Zeald
  • GeoOp

As you can see, when it comes to apps and add-ons, Tradegecko are ahead of the game, especially with their recent integration with Magento making online stores easier to manage.

Support and Customer Service

TradeGecko comes with free and comprehensive customer service for all levels of users, whereas Unleashed has different levels of customer service with different payment packages.

TradeGecko has a comprehensive knowledge base and their email, live chat and phone support are all very good features – TradeGecko are aware that they are new to the market and are very responsive to suggestions and feedback.

Unleashed also has excellent customer service and support, users can ask questions via their Community Pages and if enough customers ask the same question they will organize a video to show users how to use that specific feature – there are also live webinars for the most popular questions.


Unleashed is secured by 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, right from login onward, so you can be certain the data in your account (as well as your password) are always protected.

The company’s data servers are regularly backed up in both onsite and offsite data centers. The software is hosted at three different Tier 3 locations in New Zealand, providing redundancy and ensuring that your account is accessible more than 99% of the time.

TradeGecko uses Amazon Web Services to securely manage, store, and back up your data.


Having read many reviews and had a play with both systems my feeling is that TradeGecko is a much easier and more intuitive system to use, the support is also superior.  Unleashed does have more functions, but it seems a little too big for smaller businesses, where TradeGecko can work at all levels.

The reactive nature of TradeGecko and their excellent support system make it more user friendly and a better system for businesses of all sizes.