OneSpan Sign

OneSpan Sign (formerly eSignLive by VASCO) is an electronic signature solution that enables documents to be securely signed electronically on any device. Ideal for contracts, NDAs, HR forms, internal signing and any business document requiring signature, OneSpan Sign is used by some of the world’s most trusted brands in banking, insurance, government and healthcare.

With OneSpan Sign, you can electronically prepare, send and sign your documents over the web in four easy steps:

  1. Upload your documents.
  2. Identify who signs each document.
  3. Define where they sign by simply dragging a signature block to the correct location(s) in the document.
  4. Select a secure authentication method and send.

OneSpan Sign takes care of the rest, managing every aspect of the signing process to ensure your electronic contracts are enforceable, compliant and secure.

Key features

  • Fully optimized across all channels and devices
  • Face-to-face signature capture
  • Electronic signature capture
  • Mobile signature capture
  • Audit trail for demonstrating compliance
  • Integration
  • Customisable branding
  • Labelling
  • Multiple document formats
  • Multiple format support
  • Fast track feature
  • Bulk send feature

More about OneSpan Sign

OneSpan Sign is the electronic signature solution behind some of the world’s most trusted brands. Regulated industries and top analyst firms recognize OneSpan Sign’s products and services for their ability to balance the highest levels of security and compliance with ease-of-use while automating any process – from the simplest internal signing workflow to the most complex customer-facing transactions. Available in the cloud and on-premises, the OneSpan Sign solution offers a scalable platform to support an organization’s digital transformation strategy across the enterprise – today and tomorrow.

OneSpan, a global leader in authentication, electronic signatures and identity management, enables more than 10,000 customers in 100 countries to secure access, manage identities, verify transactions and protect assets across financial, enterprise, e commerce, government and healthcare markets.

OneSpan Sign in action

See how real-life businesses we’ve worked with have benefited from OneSpan Sign:

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