MailChimp logoMailChimp is a powerful marketing automation platform for creating and sending marketing communications, including emails. While some CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems offer an email marketing component and some email marketing systems have certain CRM capabilities, many businesses choose to use both.

Combining, or integrating, an email marketing system such as MailChimp with a CRM system like Zoho CRM can make it an even more powerful tool. For example, details about your contacts and their interactions with your campaigns can be pushed back to your CRM database, providing a useful overview of their activity from within your CRM. Importantly, you may also be able to create lists and segments in MailChimp based on queries in your CRM, and deliver more targeted campaigns.

Key features

Web, Zoho, MailChimp integration

Integration enables you to automate processes and improve customer service

In addition to these benefits, integrating MailChimp with Zoho CRM allows you to:

  • Add new contacts to your CRM automatically
  • Sync MailChimp lists with Zoho CRM Campaigns and map MailChimp subscribers with Zoho CRM contacts/leads
  • Receive notifications in Zoho CRM’s SaleSignals whenever a new subscriber is added or removed and when a profile has been updated in MailChimp
  • Merge fields from your MailChimp account with fields in Zoho CRM
  • Focus marketing campaigns on each market segment’s specific needs, increasing the quality of the leads being delivered
  • Segment leads according to lead source and therefore target marketing more effectively
  • View a lead’s activity in the CRM and gain better insight into their  interests and have a more meaningful conversation with them

MailChimp-Zoho CRM integration in action

Squirrel has carried out many successful integrations between MailChimp and Zoho CRM. See how real-life businesses we’ve worked with have benefited:

Web-CRM-MailChimp integration improves customer service

Zoho CRM-MailChimp integration promotes long-term growth for training company

MailChimp-Zoho CRM integration and your business

Although many of these systems usually work together very well, getting them to do exactly what your business needs them to do sometimes involves a little customisation. Squirrel and its team of developers can do this for you.

Squirrel can also help you decide where MailChimp integration would work best for your business and carry out the integration for you.

And if you’re not yet using MailChimp or a CRM system, we can get you up and running and then explore whether integration would be beneficial to your business.

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