API integrations

Do you find yourself repeatedly re-entering contact information in different systems? Are you using multiple spreadsheets owned by different people in your team to track information?

The process of passing information between different systems or departments can be a labour-intensive chore that soaks up time and resources. It’s also prone to error.

Getting your systems to ‘talk’ to each other, or integrating them, makes it possible to automate much of the process of sharing data, avoiding costly repetition of laborious tasks and increasing accuracy and efficiency.

APIs: essential integration tools

Squirrel Business Hub helps businesses large and small to realise the benefits of integration by getting key internal systems talking to each other, including:

  • Zoho CRM
  • Xero accounting system
  • HR management software
  • Inventory software
  • Quote and proposal software

APIs (application programming interfaces) are the key to sharing information between systems. APIs allow one piece of software to utilise the functionality of, or information available to, another piece of software for a given purpose. For example, APIs can be used to pull data from different sources within the business, creating a flow of information between systems.

Squirrel makes integration easy

While APIs make it easy to share data and processes, they’re not always easy to implement. Squirrel can help you decide where API integration would most benefit your business and integrate your systems for you. This might be achieved using an API plug-in or an API script written by one of our developers.

APIs in action

See how real-life businesses we’ve worked with have benefited from integrating their systems:
Case Study: Zoho CRM-Xero integration for automated invoicing
Case Study: Web-CRM-MailChimp integration improves customer service
Case Study: Zoho CRM-Google Calendar integration

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Squirrel Business Hub specialises in finding the right system for a business, and then getting them set up, trained and up and running as quickly and as seamlessly as possible. To find out what system is right for you, book a free consult today.

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