So you’ve attended a bunch of networking events and now have a pile of business cards sitting on your desk gathering dust, right?

Document scanners can be a little clunky and if you’re at a trade show or conference, it’s nice to be able to capture them quickly and be done with it.

The best business card scanning app we’ve found is CamCard for iPhone.  It’s in the App Store and seems to vary from $2.99 – $6.99 and, there’s a Lite Version you can try out too.  Good news for Android users, there is also an Android version available.

What to know how it works?


Like all business scanning apps, CamCard uses your phone’s camera to take a picture of the card, and then it processes it.

For best results, you line up the card in the targets as shown below.


The App also has a great time saving Batch Mode.  When you set this, you can quickly scan and upload a stack of cards and it processes them later.  Great option after a trade show.

CamCard App


After you save the captured images, CamCard goes through and processes them.  All of this happens on your phone, and your cards don’t get sent to the cloud or anything (unless you want them to – read on)

OCR or optical character recognition is never 100% perfect but I found the results of CamCard to be quite good.  On “traditionally” formatted business cards, it was almost perfect.


For cards that don’t have a standard layout, it does a good job of capturing most of the information, but it’s simple to go in and edit.  Certainly better than having to type everything in by hand, one by one.

My tips would be having lots of light and have the card fill the screen inside the target areas for best results.

Cloud Sync

CamCard isn’t just an app. The company provides an optional Cloud Sync server. If you sign up for it, all your cards are synchronized up to their server, and you can access your cards on any iOS device, Android device or online.

If you are going to use CamCard, I recommend either using their Cloud Server or exporting the card information some other way. If something happens to your iPhone or iPod Touch, you don’t want to lose your contacts.

Contact Export

Speaking of exporting, when you are saving your cards you can have them export to your Address Book on your phone, to iCloud, to Gmail, or to Exchange.  From the list of cards you can also export one or multiple cards to CSV, Excel or vCard.  Great for quick upload to your CRM system or mailing list.

CamCard App

Card Holder

When your cards are in CamCard, they are saved in what they call the Card Holder.

From the list of cards, if you long-tap one of the cards you can instantly phone, SMS, or e-mail the contact.

When you drill down into a card, you can do the same as well as open up their website, and search LinkedIn or request to add them as a contact.

CamCard App

Overall, this is a great app and effective business tool.  It’s easy to use and quite accurate in fact, the Squirrels recommend it!

Do you use a business card app on your mobile device?  Which one and how do you like it?