Marketing Coordinator - Biotech company

“Right now, the CRM does everything we wanted it to do – identify areas of interest and segments, pull up all the stages in sales opportunities, store serial numbers, etc. It’s also easy to see which customers have or haven’t been contacted. And it’s integrated smoothly with our quotation system. Our reps love it.

It’s fantastic being able to use the analytics function in the CRM to create dashboards for each rep so they can see how many opportunities they have at different stages. They receive email notifications with this information, which is very useful.”

Kristy Ayre

Former Executive Producer

“The real-time reporting and the way Zoho expresses data are really amazing – for example, after we send out our e-newsletter, we have the capacity to view the data the system captures in real time.

“Squirrel were incredibly organised, patient and responsive – and accommodating when we needed to slow things down, or speed them up. Communications were always really clear, too.”

Alicia Norton

Project Manager

“We’ve probably had a reduction in admin of a good four hours per week – and at least a 50 per cent increase in the number of people providing information each week. It’s really useful to be able to see at a glance who isn’t doing this and follow up.”

Lead Technical Engineer - Recruitment agency

“Productivity is up. Overall, we can operate more quickly, which is exactly what we wanted.”

Amy Curran

Office Manager

“Squirrel were very responsive. We had a great experience with Kylie, who had a good understanding of what we wanted and put together an effective plan of attack.”

Corporate Communications Officer - State tourism agency

“The support that we received when we were building the system was great – our consultant was accessible and helpful and had a deep understanding of the system.”

Martin Metz

Chief Operating Officer - BioAg

“As a sales-oriented organisation, we realised that we needed to upgrade our CRM in order to better support our sales team. One of our key requirements was a CRM that people could and would use, and they are using it. Going forward, we can now measure and set targets for improvement. Squirrel came in with an established process map for implementing the CRM, with all the steps already in place, which made it so much easier for us.”

Alan Barker

Managing Director - Buyers Home Base

“We couldn’t have implemented Zoho in the way we have without Squirrel – and we wouldn’t have made the brilliant move to Zoho One if Emily hadn’t suggested it. It was a well-managed project – she made sure we started with a clear spec, so there was no ambiguity, and was very patient. Squirrel really are an invaluable support partner for us as we continue to grow our business. It’s great that there are different options available to do that, for example by purchasing support blocks. We always feel that Squirrel have our best interests at heart.”