Squirrel Business Hub

Squirrel was founded in 2012 by Kylie Harker, in the passionate belief that having the right systems in place improves efficiency, increases conversion and grows bigger, more robust businesses. Since then, the team has grown steadily each year and now comprises 10 dedicated and enthusiastic Squirrels across Australia and offshore.

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Our expertise

Our consultants and developers have the experience, insight and deep product knowledge that comes from years of implementing and integrating CRM and other business systems for companies large and small.

Our team works collaboratively with you to find and implement the best possible solution for your business – whether that be a simple off-the-shelf system or a complex, tailored solution – and provides quality training and ongoing support.

Our expertise goes beyond products. Within our team you’ll find experts in business procedures, data management, bookkeeping, custom software development, sales and marketing, and more.
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Why we do what we do

Squirrel Business Solutions is committed to resourcing and empowering businesses to work smarter, not harder. We achieve this by matching them with the right tools and processes, and providing the training and support they require to work more efficiently and effectively.

We deliver on our purpose by providing and fostering knowledge, solutions, trust, collaboration and integrity, and strive to reflect these values in everything we do.

Our values

How we work

We work from the ground up to give you the resources you need to lay the foundations for the future.

It usually goes a little like this:

  • Analysis
    We get to know you and your business, finding out what’s working, what’s not and what you want to achieve. We explore which processes can be made more efficient and streamlined with automation.
  • Design
    We tailor a solution specifically for your business, and suggest how to resource it with the most efficient cloud-based software.
  • Implementation
    We choose or create the systems and set them up behind the scenes. This stage includes designing, developing, customising workflow and importing your data.
  • Integration
    We get your systems working together to allow data to flow between them and eliminate data re-entry.
  • Automation
    We introduce automation to eliminate time-consuming administrative tasks.
  • Training
    It’s now time to get up close and personal with your new system. We provide personalised training, videos and manuals to help you to start using and reaping the benefits of your new capabilities as quickly as possible.
  • Support
    Once your systems are in place, we’re never more than a phone call away. We offer friendly, ongoing support and are always happy to help out with improvements, business insights and training so that you continue to operate at your best.

Our achievements