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Why a Squirrel?……

Just like our mascot, the Squirrel, every member of our team is…

Curious Clever Creative Capable Collaborative

This means that you can have confidence that the solutions and products we recommend are perfect for your business needs.

Why we recommend Zoho CRM

Squirrel Business Solutions specialises in all things CRM: implementation, customisation, development, integration, automation, training and support.

We are also Zoho Advanced Partners and our consultants are Zoho certified.

We recommend Zoho CRM because we believe it’s the ideal cloud-based solution for small to medium-sized businesses wishing to maximise their sales performance. This multichannel CRM platform offers a pipeline management system, tools for marketing and sales force automation, in-depth analytics and inbuilt conversational AI.

Zoho CRM is part of the Zoho One suite, which includes more than 40 applications with complementary mobile apps. That means you can run your entire business on one suite and reach customers, grow sales, balance your books, and work in productive and collaborative ways from any device – all with a single login and password.

How does Squirrel work with your business?

We work from the ground up to give you the resources you need to lay the foundations for the future.

It usually goes a little like this:

  • Analysis
    We get to know you and your business, finding out what’s working, what’s not and what you want to achieve. We explore which processes can be made more efficient and streamlined with automation.
  • Design
    We tailor a solution specifically for your business, and suggest how to resource it with the most efficient cloud-based software.
  • Implementation
    We choose or create the systems and set them up behind the scenes. This stage includes designing, developing, customising workflow and importing your data.
  • Integration
    We get your systems working together to allow data to flow between them and eliminate data re-entry.
  • Automation
    We introduce automation to eliminate time-consuming administrative tasks.
  • Training
    It’s now time to get up close and personal with your new system. We provide personalised training, videos and manuals to help you to start using and reaping the benefits of your new capabilities as quickly as possible.
  • Support
    Once your systems are in place, we’re never more than a phone call away. We offer friendly, ongoing support and are always happy to help out with improvements, business insights and training so that you continue to operate at your best.

Some of the businesses we’ve helped to improve:

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